How to freshen up your resume every month

If you’re in need to freshen up or to update your resume, you might want to consider rolling up your sleeves to make sure it can land the career you want. Trying to dust off your resume is tiring and time-consuming. Here are a few practical recommendations:

Freshen up with current dates

  • Make sure the dates are in chronological order
  • Always check for punctuation and grammar
  • Use unambiguous abbreviations for months
  • Make sure the months and years are clear for employers to see quickly
  • Use a clear and easy-to-read font

freshen resume every month

Include the most current skills

  • List your most recent skills learned such as volunteer work or college-based skills
  • Explain briefly any new skills and how you learned them
  • Provide a good description of the location you learned those skills
  • Include any additional information about skills with dates and places
  • Turn a negative experience into a positive one by listing any new skills you learned

Provide a list of college credits

  • Include a brief list of college classes you took
  • List any additional courses you took after you graduated
  • List relevant courses you took and any GPA
  • Provide any supplemental courses you took
  • Provide any clubs or related organizations you participated

Renew your resume look

  • Make sure your files upload in an accessible format such as Word or Portable Document File
  • Prevent from using templates – they might be too generic to include accurate information
  • Use one type of font throughout your document
  • Add your name and contact details in a transparent and professional manner
  • Avoid borders and graphics that might distract the employer from quickly reading your information

Offering a fresh look at your resume is ideal for seeking your dream job. You don’t have to spend hours, just focus on one section at a time.  Most importantly, recognize seeking the right career takes time and perseverance.

Ensure your resume is up-to-date as you want it to be. For instance, make reminders on your phone or jot it down on your calendar to freshen it up. Once you have a clean and fresh resume, you will be ready to hand it in with confidence and ease as the opportunity arises.

It is exhausting as you continue your career search and updating your resume at the same time, but don’t give up. As you pursue your dreams in seeking that great job, keeping up-to-date with your resume provides the motivation to promote your skills.

Have you tried any of these recommendations lately? How has it helped in your job search? Let me know in the comment section.