Back to school family organization tips

After a relaxing summer break, usually, kids tend to lack the motivation to get back to school. You know it is nearly impossible to encourage your children to start getting used to a back to a school schedule.

Probably, the most exciting part of back to school is purchasing new school supplies. What do you do to encourage your family to get organized for back to school?

Sleep schedule before back to school

One of the excellent ways to help your kids to get to the routine is to make a few changes before a few weeks school starts up. Support your children by getting them to bed 15 minutes before the actual bedtime.

For instance, instead of bedtime during the summer at 9 PM, then get kids to bed, hopefully, by 8:45 PM. Then, the next days, try 8:30 PM, and so on.

It may take a few days to get your kids used to, but just be consistent with the schedule. By going to bed on a constant time, it helps them to build a sleep routine and provides plenty of rest for the next day.

Besides, a sleep routine helps them to develop self-confidence about their responsibilities.

back to school family organization

Back to School Home Organization Areas

An organization system might be the least favorite topic for families to deal with before going back to school. However, it doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Instead of making plenty of changes for family organization, just choose one area in your home to make a command center. Perhaps, you might have come across home command centers.

These particular areas designate a fitting way to hold important papers, mail, school papers, and anything you need to deal with immediately. As the name indicates, a command center concentrates all the significant items that you need as soon as possible.

What are some satisfying ways to make your family happy while keeping them organized?

  • Look for areas that family members usually congregate all the time
  • Some usual areas are the kitchen, dining room, kitchen table or island
  • Make a file system of a command center for a small area
  • Supply the command center with simple essentials: pens, small calendar, stickers, or highlighters
  • Make use of whiteboard with magnetic strips or cork boards
  • Include a dry erase calendar with fun colors
  • Add inspirational family quotes or family vacation pictures
  • Hang a wall clock nearby to keep everyone on time
  • Use magnetic or hang organizer containers for supplies
  • Include fun colorful names of each family member

Family Planner to Organize Everyone’s Schedules

Every family might struggle with having multiple calendars or planners, especially during back to school periods. In fact, some parents prefer digital planners and reminders. But not every family organizes the same way.

You might want to have a paper planner while everyone else prefers digital. Make your life easy by having a mom and a family planner.

If you’re a working mom, then you might need a separate one for meetings, work projects, and office events. Having a central calendar with everyone’s schedule helps your family stay connected with current events.

Now, no one has to miss a family event. A valuable source of an organization is to jot down that important appointment, event, or birthday on one calendar.

Then, each family member needs to place it into their planners. Setting a command center in a high traffic area of your home encourages everyone in your family to use the central planner.

So, make it attractive and fun. Use valuable sources to create your family calendar that everyone is going to enjoy using.

Drop-Zone Designation Before Back to School

Much like command centers, a drop-zone is vital to keeping a family organized. Again, the concept of taking a designated area in your home is similar.

The most common areas parents use as drop-zones are the foyer areas, hallways, mudrooms, or entryways. Make appropriate use of these regions by adding benches, shoe trays, or key chain holders.

Even in small places, make the walls a valuable area to hang keys, coat or hat racks, and a backpack or purse hooks. Ideally,  you want each family member to have his or her place.

But if that is not possible, use bins or baskets with each family member name.

Back to school organization is a difficult time for moms that come from a refreshed summer. The summer break entices an interruption in the family schedule, sleep patterns, and plans.

Going back to school is the perfect opportunity to get your family to the routine and sanity. Although it may take a little work for your family to get back into a schedule to follow, your family will thank you for having a well-run family planner everyone depends.