Teaching teens to develop self-reliance using household chore apps

At times, you often feel a never-ending battle with your tween or teen to complete any chores. Even when the task is as simple as putting away clothes or feeding the family pet, it seems the chore nagging drags on.

What can you do to motivate your adolescents to keep up with their chores? With the wonderful world of technology, there are numerous apps to help you and your teen keep track of chores and allowances.

Encourage Your Teen to Use Apps to Complete Chores for Allowance

A realm of apps is now available on your phone or tablet. Your teen or tween is going to be excited to use them all the time since many of them track the number of chores and the pay scale for each chore.

How great is for your teen to know when he or she completes a task and get paid for it? In fact, teens are more apt to complete chores when motivation involves money, rewards, and outings.

With a few clicks, you will know when your teen completed a task. It offers you peace of mind. While it gives you one less task to tackle, it provides a sense of accomplishment for your teen.

teaching teens self-reliance

Teach responsibility skills by taking the initiative to complete chores

More importantly than teaching your teen to complete tasks, these chore-apps also enforce responsibility skills. You probably already know the importance of reinforcing responsibility skills in your teens and tween.

Mostly, household chore apps such as ChoreMonster, Famzoo, iAllowance, Tykoon, GetPiggyBank, and ThreeJars, support the value of responsibility and collaboration. Besides being more concerned with obtaining a reward, your teen is learning skills of accomplishment and finishing a job well done.

Teens learn the importance of a good job best from parents and caregivers that have the best interest in helping teens develop life-long values.

Promote a Sense of Self-Esteem to Cultivate Maturity

Regularly using the apps and being consistent in paying for chores encourage your teen to boost their self-confidence. One of the most important qualities a teen develops is self-esteem. Applying the notion of earning for a job completed fosters maturity in adolescents.

Also, it encourages your teen to work on his or her financial skills. In fact, making and spending money is a function of trustworthiness teens need to experience before taking on a summer job or bigger career responsibilities.

Teach Self-Reliance to a Soon-To-Be Young Adult

As teens get comfortable using these chore apps, they build self-reliance skills for life. Many teens, right out of high school, go to college unaware of the responsibilities of paying bills, maintaining a budget, or creating a healthy credit line.

However, you can teach your teen to begin to earn and budget for the things they want. Teaching self-reliance is a crucial skill for teens to learn before they embark on a paying career or college.

Just imagine, by implementing a few simple clicks on your phone, you help your teen develop the self-reliance skills they need to succeed in life.

A sense of accomplishment and self-reliance are life skills every teen needs to learn. What better way to teach your teen or tween about them than with chore-apps that they already use with their phones?

Just some clicks and simple tasks will have your teen on his or her way to a responsible young adult.



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