Fun Activities for Blended Families

Time, work, and play combine to create bonds between families. Finding the time to get together to play is often difficult in a fast-paced world.

In fact, blended families with different schedules and routines barely have time to have fun. Many blended families have multiple children of various ages with diverse cultures and upbringings.

The bonding they create with each other doesn’t happen overnight. It takes dedication and commitment to family time.

Here, I show you several options blended families can enjoy time together.

Outdoor Activities for Blended Families

Hiking or Rock Climbing

Whether families are active or outdoor enthusiasts, hiking or rock climbing are physical activities blended families enjoy together. Of course, depending on the area, families would have to decide the level of complexity for each activity. There are many regions with short distance walking trails, short hikes, or easy rock climbing.

Beach Sightseeing

If families live by the shore or enjoy short trips to the beach, it is a fantastic activity to spend time together. Beach activities include swimming, walking, having a picnic, waters sports, or only collecting seashells.


Baseball, basketball, football, soccer, or any other team sport is an ideal activity for blended families. Even though some family members play professionally, everyone can spend time together by collaborating and enjoying the weather outside.

Miscellaneous Activities

Kite flying, dog walking, and gardening are a few examples blended families can enjoy outdoors. When the weather is delightful, there is nothing more exciting than spending time outside with the family.

blended families

Indoor Activities for Blended Families

Family Movie Night

Perhaps, one of the most delightful ways to spend time together as a family is a movie night. The hardest part might be to pick a movie everyone can enjoy at the same time. But, in the end, blended families get together with a common goal – to enjoy a family movie.

Board, Card, or Video Family Game Night

Similarly, like family movie night, choosing games for everyone might be a challenge. For a family game night, blended families can come up with a system to select the game to play. Perhaps, parents could use a schedule, a decision using rock-paper-scissors, or pick a number matching game.

Karaoke Time

Although singing abilities could be questionable for some family members, the fun part is to try to sing famous songs or lyrics out-loud. Not for the shy at heart, karaoke is still a favorite family activity, especially for young children and tweens.

Cooking Activities for Blended Families

Baking with Children

Whether it is cookies, brownies, cakes, or s’mores, families enjoy the time to bake these delectable treats together. Baking is as simple or complex as parents want it to be, especially for children who enjoy creating masterpieces in the kitchen.

BBQ Cookout

For those sizzling hot days or nights, a cookout is a perfect time to enjoy each other’s company. When it comes to a barbecue, blended families can put their cuisine traditions to good use. By mixing each other’s traditions about foods, it also creates bonding and unity between family members.

Potluck with Other Blended Families

Who says blended families have to enjoy food by themselves? Potlucks are inviting activities to enjoy other parents’ cultures and cuisines. By sharing these traditions, blended families learn about each other and build relationships with one another.

Blended families consist of different characters and relationships. The toughest part is getting to know each other in an unknown environment.

How can blended families enjoy time together? Whether it is outdoor, indoor, or cooking activities, blended families have the opportunity to get to know each other a little bit better.

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