Best Practices in SEO for Education to Increase Enrollment

Search engine optimization (SEO) and the education sector are rarely in the same context. More often, educational industries perceive SEO as unnecessary and cumbersome.

As much as students seek education to improve career opportunities, the education sector needs internet visibility. Appearing in search engines relies on many factors including content marketing.

The education sector, unlike any other industry, depends on visitors to their websites. As more students search through mobile devices, SEO for education becomes a necessary tool.

In a world of searchable information at your fingertips, the education sector lags behind in search engine optimization.

Useful Ways SEO for the Education Sector can Attract More Students

More importantly, how does SEO help institutions, especially those in higher ed, attract more students to their campuses? While small business owners use SEO marketing as a tool to attract clients, the education sector overlooks this beneficial marketing strategy.

Nevertheless, the education sector is still an industry dependent on generating new students to enroll in their courses. Outreach programs to high school and community events might not be enough exposure to increase recruits to college programs.

That is when SEO comes to help. With a clear plan, many education sites jumpstart into a marketing framework.

In this way, searchable items such as enrollment, tuition, programs, and campus life are easily accessible. A well-designed series of blog posts bring enough traffic to generate interest in programs and course of studies.

SEO Action Plan to Kickstart Educational Content as a Searchable Tool

Having a good SEO plan of action promotes students and parents to be interested in specific fields of study. Of course, traveling to open houses and orientations provides enough information about the campus.

However, does it give that confidence to take the time to explore, book lodging, and attend orientations to visit colleges? Engaging content draws an audience into what you offer.

With the education sector, a blog maintained with engaging evergreen content attracts students pursuing a specific degree. In most cases, students also use their mobile devices to look up information and reviews.

With high-quality content in blogs, podcasts, or videos, a course is more appealing to students to enroll. So, you need the right keywords or phrases that are part of specific programs.

Searchable terms such as degrees acronyms and certification phrases are only recognizable by experts in education. Many education programs count on abbreviations to quickly discuss issues and trends.

It takes a professional blogger or writer to identify those acronyms and used them in context.

A Partnership Between Content Marketing in the Education Sector and SEO

Using searchable terms help students to find what they are looking at any time quickly and anywhere. The education sector needs to tap into this new concept of instantaneous information.

Before long, education is left behind as cutting-edge technology is fast pursuing. As mentioned before, content marketing is one-way education promotes programs.

In fact, evergreen posts build organic material to any site. With proper blog content, schedule, and strategy to develop a blog post plan, the more interested students will enroll.

As a result, well-researched articles not only inform students but build authority in the search engine world.

SEO for education


SEO for the education sector still needs to learn the new wave of technology, especially content marketing. Evergreen articles populate education sites and blogs organically.

In turn, education is a lifetime investment for career opportunities as much as content marketing is a lifelong contribution to the education sector.

Do you agree or disagree that the education sector should start to rely on SEO to promote more of their programs? Comment below.