Quick Ways to Boost Family Indoor Activities

Family indoor activities are not limited to watching television or playing video games. There’s a world to explore.

However, when the weather doesn’t cooperate or you need to stay in, you can create fun and quick indoor family activities. In this way, you build bonds between family members and have fun. 

Homemade Indoor Activities

Staying indoors doesn’t have to be tiresome. After a few days, spending time movie binge-watching on Netflix will probably get monotonous.

However, you can get a few household supplies to boost creativity. For instance, if your family loves to bake, search food sites for easy recipes for baking muffins, cookies, or desserts.

You might also try a traditional family recipe.  There’s no better time to make homemade greetings cards than when you’re indoors.

Get creative with supplies you might have on hand.

  • Use card stock or different colors of construction paper.
  • Next, add glitter glue, beads, sequins, stickers, or family photos.
  • Don’t forget to write a memorable greeting saying that you miss someone.
  • Then, when you’re ready to give them out, make a special envelope. 
family indoor activities

Quick Origami Creations

While paper and crayons might be all you have on hand, then try origami for kids. Origami can be as elaborate as you want.

Regardless of your paper folding skills, try making simple origami creations with your kids. You only need color or white paper, crayons, and safety scissors.

For example, you can create origami animals, cootie catchers, or favorite Star Wars characters. Also, these tiny paper masterpieces are perfect gifts for loved ones.

So, hold on to these when you’re finished. The origamis make great gifts with your homemade cards. 

Family Indoor Games

Does your family have a competitive spirit? Then, they’ll enjoy these fun indoor games.

  • Create a relay race of building a model with marshmallows and craft sticks.
  • Set a timer for a minute or more.
  • Then, ask kids and adults to team up to make the tallest model.
  • Of course, you can use other items such as noodles or small paper cups.

Other great indoor games to stretch your legs and add physical activity are scavenger games and charades.

  • For instance, you can get together in a common area like your living or dining room.
  • Then, you can hide an object or write the word of the object on a piece of paper.
  • Next, encourage children or adults to seek the hidden word or object.

After that, the fun part is that you can name the reward like extra computer time or a yummy dessert. 

Spending time indoors because of weather or health emergencies doesn’t have to limit your creativity. So, grab the paper, cookware, and your imagination to create family indoor activities.