Vacation After the Coronavirus: How Families Can Prepare for Travel After the Pandemic

Now, a couple weeks into the stay at home orders, and you want to dream of summer vacations. After talking with friends, family, and co-workers center around the question, “What will our summer look like?” Will pools open and summer vacations good to go?

Family-friendly companies throughout the travel industry, such as Disney and Classic, predict that domestic travel will be the first to recover. Then, locations such as Mexico and the Caribbean will follow, finally reaching international destinations.

Soon your family will be able to use their airline vouchers, vacation once again, and start making those priceless memories. In preparing for your family’s travel after this pandemic, there are 3 things to do to stay healthy. 

Checklist Before You Go

Check out the CDC tips to consider about your health before you travel.

  • First of all, you might want to consider knowing your health status and understanding the different types of insurance available overseas.
  • In case you need protection while you travel, keep it handy.
  • Also, pack smart, and share your trip information details with family or a close friend not going with you. 


A month before your trip, consider safety tips to keep your family healthy. First, schedule an appointment with your doctor to get the necessary vaccines and medicines.

Next, use the CDC destination tool to understand what vaccines you need for your destination. Experts don’t recommend receiving vaccinations outside of the U.S. 

Check Travel Notices

Check any travel notices like disease outbreaks, special events, or gatherings. Before planning your trip, take a look ahead of time for natural disasters in specific destinations. 

Finally, I recommend reading and watching reputable sources about how to keep your whole family healthy during the trip. One day you will be able to get back to life to include your family vacations.

Until then, let’s dream, plan, and prepare for it. 

Guest Post by Suzanne Beverly Dayton from Europe Specialist – Travel Agent

Suzanne is a Travel Agent and Europe Specialist that helps smart, successful, busy women plan their ideal European family vacations. After living in Europe for almost 4 years, she knows how to save you time, eliminate the hassle of trip planning, and custom design an extraordinary European experience for you.