Summer Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

Summer craft ideas for preschoolers can consist of many fun ways to use household items. While the weather is warm and sunny, you can do many activities outdoors.

For instance, you can play with water sprinkles or even with beach balls. Sometimes, though, you want your preschoolers to experience summer in different ways.

Most likely, your preschooler will get ready to attend a more structured learning environment at a school or learning center.

So, while having fun is vital to encourage preschoolers to learn, make use of summer craft ideas to enhance their learning experience. 

Materials for Easy Summer Crafts

There are many materials to use to do summer crafts. However, you probably might need what you already have on hand.

To start creating simple summer crafts for preschoolers, recycle paper scraps and paper rolls. Other uses for summer craft ideas are toilet paper rolls, paper bags, and craft sticks (popsicle sticks). 

Toilet paper rolls

How many uses can you have with toilet paper rolls? Summer crafts are not complete without making at least one type of art with toilet paper rolls.

For instance, you can easily create butterflies, rain sticks, play binoculars, and even bird feeders.

Another use of toilet paper roll is learning sorting shapes with colors

summer craft ideas

All types of paper

Just about any craft activities uses some type of paper.

For instance, the paper types for summer craft ideas can consist of

  • construction paper,
  • notebook,
  • color,
  • tissue,
  • sparkly, and
  • cardboard paper.

The possibilities of creation are endless. Some typical summer crafts applications are

  • piñatas,
  • flowers,
  • drawings,
  • sun-catchers,
  • templates, and
  • origami. 

Paper towel rolls

Very similar to toilet paper rolls, using paper towel rolls gives you, of course, more material to create.

Besides cutting these rolls into smaller pieces, you can also use paper towel rolls as part of STEM projects, science experiments, and organizational tools. 

Paper bag crafts

Using paper bags as summer crafts gives you the flexibility to create many projects.

Aside from making paper puppets, you can use paper bags as

  • piñatas,
  • science demos, and
  • sensory play.

Also, you might want to use paper bags to organize other craft supplies. Another excellent use of paper bags is to cut along the seam and open it up.

Then, use it as cover for your surface when you

  • paint,
  • use glitter, or
  • other fun messes. 

Art Activities for Preschoolers

Learning while creating fun summer crafts doesn’t have to stop at paper projects.

You can also use other materials like craft sticks, chalk, water, and paint.

Since most days will consist of hot and sunny days, take these activities outdoors. That way, your preschoolers will enjoy creating while spending time in the fresh air. 

Creating with chalk

Fun activities with chalk can consist of drawing, playing hopscotch, and tic-tac-toe.

  • While many kids love a fun game outdoors, use chalk time to practice numbers or letters.
  • Use the traditional game of hopscotch to write and label the numbers.
  • Then, use a bean bag or a rock as a marker.
  • Make the game more fun by writing your preschoolers’ name or decorating the bean bag or rock. 

Craft stick ideas

Popsicles or craft sticks are other fun ways for summer craft ideas.

For example, you can easily create

  • finger puppets,
  • STEM projects,
  • group games, and
  • picture frames.

Besides using household popsicle sticks, you can also use various craft sticks of sizes and colors. You can build towers and racing tracks. 

Hand paint activities

Creating with paint is most likely one of the messiest activities you could do with preschoolers. The best option is to paint outside, if possible, or use an indoor space that your preschoolers can explore with paint and water.

  • Using various papers and paints to create drawings is the most popular choice.
  • However, you can also use paint in ice cubes and hands-on activities.
  • In using ice cube painting, just take a small amount of water-based paint and mix in with water.
  • Place the ice cube tray with paint in the freezer.
  • The next day, use the ice cube paints on paper or outdoor surfaces to create masterpieces.
  • You can also use paint to make hand or feet prints.
  • After that, use these prints as templates for insects, animals, letters, or numbers. 

Other Summer Craft Activities

Summer craft ideas don’t require expensive tools and materials. There are many ways to make summer craft ideas fun.

Use and recycle materials you have on hand like paper scraps, toilet and paper towel rolls, popsicle sticks, and paper bags. Other elements to use are water bottles, milk cartons, milk jugs, plastic cups, and broken swimming pool noodles.

Besides having fun in the sun, preschoolers also learn while playing.