Preschool Counting Activities: Fall Theme

Preschool counting activities are ideal ways for young children to grasp math counting. With preschool counting themes, you can easily create many strategies to recognize numbers.

For example, you don’t have to rely on counters that only practice numbers. Instead, use preschool counting activities to enhance that learning experience.

When you incorporate a preschool theme with counting lessons, young children will be able to make more meaningful connections. 

Preschool Counting Themes

There are many preschool themes you can use to teach counting. From using color counting theme to a favorite book to read, these themes serve as a foundation for many reading and math activities.

However, preschool counting occurs throughout the school year. Whether you homeschool or teach preschool in a classroom, counting is an essential component of any early childhood curriculum.

Besides, your children will come across numbers and counting everyday tasks. For instance, your preschoolers might enjoy counting toys, socks, and even cereal pieces.

preschool counting activities

However, don’t let the learning stop there.

  • Use learning materials that will enhance and strengthen their understanding.
  • Add seasonal preschool themes to carry you from one month to another.
  • In that way, you’ll have a month of activities that you can transition.

When you a cohesive preschool counting theme, you’ll be able to review and reinforce those learned math skills as you move from one month to another. The school year is an ideal theme to keep in mind.

You can plan preschool counting activities according to seasons, month holidays, and other related school events. 

Learning Activities for Preschoolers

One of the best preschool counting activities to begin teaching number recognition is using a seasonal theme. Since most school years start in autumn, that is the time when the weather starts to change.

For instance, leaves change color, cooler weather begins to take place, and most children return to school. 

Counting Learning Activities

  • Use a printable that introduces the numbers one through nine. 
  • Adding a cut and paste activity encourages fine-motor skill practice. 
  • Reinforce counting by using autumn objects like pumpkins, acorns, or leaves. 
  • Use printables that have number label and writing practice opportunities.
  • Support counting by using simple add sentences like two plus one equal three.
  • Use preschool math vocabulary to strengthen number identification and addition.

These learning materials are useful for families and educators that follow the Common Knowledge curriculum and the Head Start program. The standards assessed in each activity are Goal: Quantify Groups of Objects I-MR4.1a, I-MR4.7, I-MR4.8, II-MR4.1b, II-MR4.9, and II-MR4.10; Goal: Develop an Understanding of Addition and Subtraction II-MR6.1b and II-MR6.3.