Math apps for kids: a practical guide for learning

Math apps for kids are easy to find on your personal device. Whether you use your cell phone, tablet, or computer desktop, there’s more likely a math app for kids.

Application to interactive games has revolutionized how children learn math. After all, these apps have supported children, especially ELL students, in learning new math skills.

Although not necessarily a counterproductive learning tool, many apps now appear everywhere. But, what are the criteria to decide what a valuable math app is for learning? 

Online Safety for Kids

With online learning comes responsibility and Internet safety. Teaching your children to stay safe online is just as important as talking about strangers. Being online is no different.

That is why there are specific validations to ensure a child’s information stays safe. For instance, the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act or COPPA is a law that passed in 1998. The law, enforced in 2000, protects children under 13 years old.

The law states that social networks, websites, businesses that make apps and videos must disclose how they collect information. More importantly, companies must have a clear, comprehensive privacy policy, including how companies gather information.

Besides, they must also provide confidentiality statements of how they use personal information of children under 13. Another similar online law to the COPPA is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The European Union passed the GDRP in 2018. Companies with websites and other online tools need to disclose how personal information is handled and transferred in and out of Europe. Whether you seek math apps for kids that declare COPPA or GDRP, knowing how the app helps your child is the ultimate decision. 

One of the most common ways to download apps is through a secure App Store, Google Play, or Amazon apps website. For instance, the App Store carries interactive games for kids to use for your iPhone or iPad.

On the other hand, Android users can install apps through Google Play. Similarly, Amazon users can download from the Amazon app site. 

So, what are the best math apps for kids to help with learning? As mentioned before, there are many. The list includes a compilation of the math apps that help children with math skills based on safety and value. 

Math Apps for Kids in Early Grades

The RosiMosi apps include math tools for preschool, Kindergarten, and early elementary grades.

By using the different features, kids can practice

  • counting,
  • memory games,
  • addition,
  • subtraction,
  • number tracing,
  • missing number,
  • quantity,
  • measurements,
  • patterns,
  • numbers sense, and
  • ordinal numbers.

You can also sign up for the pro version, including comprehensive reports, avatars, reward stickers, and lesson development. The RosiMosi math apps for kids are available on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon apps. 

Skidos is another fun math app for kids. With Skidos, children can learn counting and basic math concepts with lifestyle learning games.

These learning games are ideal for Kindergarten and early elementary grades. For instance, children in grades 1 – 2 learn with various games to use basic operations, counting, and coding.

Also, the Skidos app includes games about fractions, decimals, and basic programming. The math app is available at the App Store. 

The SplashLearn math app is a great learning tool for kindergartners and early elementary children. Based on Common Core Math Standards, children get to play and learn about number identification, operations, fractions, counting, time, and shapes.

The SplashLearn website also offers other features like free play, curriculum math lessons based on grade level, and tracking learning.

Other features of the SplashLearn math app is learning about geometry, place value, addition, subtraction, measurement, and counting. The app is available at the App Store and Google Play. 

If you’re looking for a math app for ages 2-5, then the Sago Mini School app might be for you. The math app is more of an interactive platform of games of math and reading.

Children can choose from various categories of Numeracy, Literacy, Creativity, Problem Solving, and Science. Also, kids get to interact with the Sago characters as they move from level to level, solving and learning different topics.

The Sago Mini School app is available on the App store. The Sago Mini World, an interactive interface, is available on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon apps. 

math apps for kids

Perhaps, one of the most popular math apps for kids is Prodigy. What’s not to love from an app that you can play anywhere? The Prodigy app is readily available on many devices and platforms.

Kids can play on the website for free or on a personal device with simple login credentials. The math interactive games place children at the action of the game. For instance, kids solve math problems in a world of wizards.

In a fun interface of saving pets, collecting rewards, and fighting monsters, kids learn about math with fun problem-solving. As children move from level to level, they earn more rewards and prizes.

The Prodigy math games are ideal for grades 1-8 and available on the App Store and Google Play. 

Nothing is more traditional on online safety than PBS or the Public Broadcasting Service. That is, PBS Learning Media is a worthy extension of the communications company.

PBS Learning Media has expanded into several categories that are widely used by teachers and parents. In particular, you can easily find math games on the website by playing with favorite characters like Odd Squad, Cyberchase, Curious George, and Sid the Science Kid.

Each video relates to a math problem that kids need to solve with clues and fun activities. You can find the PBS math games at the App Store or Google Play. 

Khan Academy is another website for math games. Teachers and parents can access Khan Academy through the website or mobile app.

This math app for kids has various games for grade levels 1-8, including Kindergarten and preschool. The fun part is kids get to earn rewards as they solve math problems.

Another way you can access the app is through the Khan Academy Kids. The app is ideal for children between 2-7 years old. They can play and learn reading with various math games.

Besides, teachers can set up a virtual classroom to place lessons, videos, and other resources. The app is available on the App Store or Google Play. 

If you’d like to download a copy of the guide, you can do so here.

Math Apps for Learning Patterns and Geometry

Although Ck-12 is only available online via their website, you might want to find it worthwhile to visit.

As a free open educational resource for all grade levels, this math site has games and interactive activities for elementary grades between 1-5.

  • Grade 1 provides practice in operations, measurements, geometry, and time.
  • Grade 2 includes decimals, multiplication, fractions, place value, and money.
  • Grade 3 has addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, place value, factors/multiples, decimals, time, money, and geometry.
  • Grade 4 involves more complex problems with grouping and multiple operations.
  • Grade 5 includes more advanced problems and prepares for secondary math.

You can also access Ck-12 on your personal devices as a website. 

Another valuable math app for kids to learn patterns is Pattern Shapes by the Math Learning Center. This math app is for the creative kids that want to make different patterns using figures, geometry, measurements, angle and line measurements.

Also, kids can use algebraic expressions to calculate and compare. The app is available at the App Store or Google Play. Besides accessing the app via your mobile device, you can also use the website to create fun patterns. 

Aside from creating patterns of fun figures, visit the Cyberchase 3D Builder too. Kids build and develop various geometric structures by moving level to level.

As they make new creations, they use geometry to create and earn rewards. One of the fun parts is to start with 2-dimensional skills and build up to 3-dimensional ones. The math app is available on the App Store, Google Play, or the Amazon apps. 

Math apps for kids are fun ways to motivate your kids to learn math skills. With mobile devices and easy Internet access, kids can learn remotely and practically anywhere.

However, seeking math apps that are safe and valuable may not be an easy task. Perhaps, you might need to consider COPPA or other regulations to keep your child safe. More importantly, seek math apps that help your child develop math concepts for future learning.