Counting bilingual activities using a rainbow theme

Counting bilingual activities can consist of many different ways to learn numbers. For example, you might use simple counters like noodles, toys, socks, or manipulatives.

However, counting occurs during the daily lives of young children. From the moment they start the day until they go to bed, they encounter counting.

Developing different ways to keep them engaged while learning to count can be challenging. So, encourage to use those manipulatives or interactive activities to learn counting with themes. 

Counting Bilingual Activities 

A classroom is a diverse group of children from all different ways of learning. Your class or homeschool class may learn differently than another teacher’s class.

While each child may learn differently, bilingual learners might need more support. Perhaps, you need to combine other learning materials into your lessons.

One way to create engaging counting bilingual activities is to develop multiple paths to similar learning objectives. For instance, if you use an interactive game to learn number recognition, use cards to reinforce those numbers.

Other ways might include hands-on experiences like painting, counters, or listening to videos. As your students integrate various ways to learn to count, they begin to build math skills throughout the school year. 

Counting bilingual activities

Rainbow Counting Learning Games

Using a simple theme like rainbows or colors can emphasize learning counting. With many different ways to use rainbows, you can pair up students to count and say the number sentences.

Similarly, you can provide the number cloud to each child to write an addition or subtraction sentence. Then, each student can have a cloud with his or her name on it.

Also, use the cloud templates to write the numbers in English and Spanish. 


  • Rainbow bilingual counting templates
  • Color construction paper, card-stock, or printer paper
  • Bilingual number cards
  • Markers, crayons, or color pencils
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue


  • Print the cloud and bilingual counting templates.
  • Make strips of counting operations from color construction paper.
    • Optional: Print the counting templates in black and white.
    • Then color the sides of each counting operation.
    • Paste the strips to the clouds. 
  • Write the counting addition and subtraction on each color construction paper strip. 
  • Paste each strip to the cloud as your student practices saying the addition or subtraction sentence.
    • Optional: Write the English and Spanish terms on the strips and paste them to the cloud. 
  • Print the rainbow sheet and the bilingual number terms. 
  • Practice each number identification and term by placing them on each cloud as a matching game. 
  • Watch the video for more bilingual instructional ideas. 

Counting bilingual activities can take practice as any other lesson you prepare. Even though young learners begin to count simple items, building up to operations doesn’t have to be complicated.

When you create fun ways to see addition and subtraction as a daily activity, your children will engage with learning counting. Use themes like rainbows, seasons, or animals to generate a curiosity to learn about counting and the world around them. 

Watch the Bilingual Counting video on YouTube here.