Summer bilingual number activities

Summer bilingual math activities

Summer bilingual number activities include various ways that you can practice math. Especially when your kids get bored during the summer, use that time to learn something new.

Of course, there are other fun activities in the sun. For example, you could suggest exercise like swimming, playing sports, or visiting a local park.

But when you have rainy or indoor days, take a moment to practice fun bilingual number activities. 

Summer Bilingual Number Activities

These activities don’t have to involve technology or screen time. For instance, you can quickly grab some crayons or color pencils and start to learn numbers.

With simple, quick activities, you can engage your kids in learning numbers. For bilingual learners, use that time to practice Spanish and English numbers, sequence, and identification. 

Watermelon Counting

How can you watermelon seeds to count? Well, you can simply count the seeds.

But what happens when you don’t have seeds? You can use the watermelon template with number labels. 

  • For instance, you can cut the watermelon template and set them aside. 
  • Next, paste it onto construction paper or card-stock paper. 
  • Then, cut the number labels and set them aside. 
  • Ask your kids to count the seeds as they place the numbers on the watermelon cut-out. 
  • You can also ask children to count in English and Spanish. 
summer bilingual number activities

Beach Fine Motor Skills

Summer bilingual number activities don’t have to stop at counting. You can continue the learning with fine motor skills like cutting and pasting. 

  • For example, cut and paste the beach scene onto construction paper or card-stock paper. 
  • Then, cut the strips along the dashed lines.
  • Ask your kids to order the numbers from one to ten as they count. 
  • Make it a fun game of putting the numbers as a puzzle
  • Ask your kids to figure out the words in English and Spanish as they count. 

Ice Cream Counting and Coloring

What’s more fun than cutting and pasting? Of course, there is coloring.

With the ice cream color-by-number printable, your kids can practice colors and numbers in Spanish. For instance, take crayons or color pencils and divide the printable in half.

Next, practice saying the numbers in Spanish as your kids color. Use the key of color-by-number to identify each part of the ice creams.

The other half of the printable has healthy frozen treats like lemonade, strawberries, and watermelon pieces. In the same way, color each fruit by using the key of labels. 

Summer Outdoor Activities

Summer bilingual numbers activities can be indoors or outdoors. When you want to carry out the activities outdoors, use simple exercises.

For instance, as the weather gets hot, add water to games or play in shaded areas. Counting in the sun is fun when you make sure to practice early in the morning or evening.

Use quick activities like riddles or games. Practicing math outdoors may not always be possible.

For those indoor moments, use cooking or baking as a fun and delicious way to practice math. 

In summary, summer bilingual number activities can consist of using different activities. While outdoor activities are best to investigate math, indoor activities may be necessary.

Especially when the weather or extreme temperature is not safe, use simple exercises to keep your kids learning.