Summer camp resources guide

The summer camp resources guide is a handy way to know what activities your kids can do over the summer. While some summer camps are in-person, there are other alternatives for those families that need to stay indoors.

A staycation doesn’t have to be boring. With some innovative activities, you can have a summer camp at home or virtually. 

Table of Contents

STEM Summer Camp Resources

Whether you want your kids to learn a new language or explore STEM activities, there’s a camp for that.

  • Take a look at the Spanish Summer Reading Camp course, full of interactive activities, including STEM, to learn Spanish. Find the course at Spanish4Kiddos.
  • You can also find the Summer STEM by Hess Un-Academy very useful.
  • The guide contains more than 10 STEM experiments that you can easily create.
  • You can have fun making a soda Mentos experiment fizz or make delicious ice cream treats in a tin can.
  • Do you want to give your kids more hands-on learning? The Build-A-Project has fun activities to create like elephant toothpaste, STEAM projects, at-home movie night, and other fun projects. 
summer camp resources

Arts and Crafts

You can’t go wrong with making arts and crafts during summer camp.

The Rock Your Homeschool has a neat summer poetry activity for kids. Your kids can cool off with six cute poem templates of a shark, fish, glass of lemonade, watermelon slice, ice cream cone, and sun.

For more fine arts experiences, consider the Interlochen Center of the Arts. Summer camp at this center is like no other.

For example, kids get to explore creative writing, dance, film and new media, interdisciplinary arts, music, theatre, and visual arts. 

Outdoors and Nature Exploration

Nevertheless, summer camp is not complete without at least having one outdoor activity.

The blog at The Bit of Life has an adorable lesson on fireflies that you can explore outdoors. You can also create a craft and read some fantastic books.

If you’re more adventurous, the Blossom Tree Homeschool has excellent ideas to explore your local area. You can visit nature walks, play games, and other interactive activities to learn more about nature. 

Ocean Life

Yikes! Shark week has become a traditional topic during summer camp.

The School of Mommy has a fantastic lesson on sharks and their importance to marine habitats. Then, explore the shark identification cards, practice math, make crafts, and other fun activities. 

Reading and Language 

Summer camp resources must include reading and language to help kids to continue learning.

  • The Raising Royalty has excellent resources of books to read over the summer about reptiles and animals out of this world.
  • Have you heard of the summer slide?
  • Perhaps, one of the most challenging times is when your kids get bored and forget what they learned throughout the school year.
  • Freedom Homeschooling has good tips on how to prevent the summer slide and encourage some learning. 
  • Create engaging ways for your kids to read over the summer and avoid the summer slide.
  • Turn the summer slide into a worthwhile learning with these tips and ideas, especially for bilingual learners.

Cooking Summer Camp Resources

If your kids love to bake or cook, then take a look at the recipes at Freedom Homeschooling. There are plenty of recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, many of the recipes cook quickly over campfire and summer camps. 

Summer camp resources can include STEM activities, arts and crafts, outdoor exploration, ocean life, reading and language, and cooking.

Your kids don’t have to be bored all summer long. Add some of these summer camp ideas indoors or outdoors for fun learning.