Summer number sense bilingual activities

Summer number sense explores more than counting and learning numbers. Your bilingual preschoolers can engage in different activities to learn to count.

Of course, there are many ways to apply learning number sense. You can easily use a digital tool or flashcards. However, young bilingual learners benefit from using various tools like manipulatives and games.

Learning Summer Number Sense

While you can have many types of manipulatives, the most interesting ones might be the simple ones. For instance, using little toy bears or counters is an excellent introduction to counting.

You could begin by asking questions as to how many or place this amount in the box. Instead of using toys as counters, you could also use homemade items.

For instance, using color pasta noodles is an excellent way to encourage young bilingual preschoolers to develop number sense. 

Coloring Pasta Noodles for Bilingual Activities

When you use color pasta, take care to use safe materials like non-toxic finger paint. In this way, you ensure that the little fingers stay safe. 

  • First, place approximately one cup of pasta noodles in a plastic zip-lock bag. 
  • Next, add a tablespoon of non-toxic finger paint or acrylic paint
  • Then, shake the bag and distribute the paint among the noodles. 
  • Place the painted noodles on a cookie sheet or paper plate lined with non-stick aluminum foil. 
  • Let the noodles dry overnight. 

After the noodles are dry, place them in individual bags if you’re using different colors. Finally, use the color noodles as part of number sense or sensory activities. 

Summer number sense bilingual activities

Summer Number Sense Activities for Bilingual Learners

Summer number sense activities can consist of using many tools like the color noodles. For example, you use the noodles as part of counting fireflies or creating models. 


  • Free templates for summer counting and firefly jars
  • Dry color pasta noodles
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers, pencils, or crayons


  • Cut the firefly jar summer templates or use the worksheet as a whole page. 
  • Cut the number-sentence task cards. Set aside. 
  • Use the color noodles to describe the addition or subtraction sentence. 
  • Use more color noodles to count how many you have in total. 
  • Repeat as necessary.
    • Optional: Use the color noodles to count the fireflies in the jar.
    • Also, cut and paste the numbers as you count the fireflies. 
  • Practice more summer number sense by using the ice cream worksheet
  • Cut and paste the number of ice cream treats to the ice cream worksheet. 
  • Then, use the writing practice to trace each number of ice cream treats. 

Summer number sense activities for bilingual learners can help develop more than counting. With simple counters like color noodles, young bilingual preschoolers can explore number sense, identification, and counting.