Patriotic math activities for bilingual learners

Patriotic math activities for bilingual learners

Patriotic math activities engage your bilingual learners with fun games. These counting activities can use simple patriotic themes like the 4th of July or Labor Day.

Consequently, your children will enjoy learning about various math concepts with flags, stars, or other patriotic symbols. That is, your bilingual learners progress in math by using task cards and counting games.

Using Patriotic Math Activities Task Cards

When using patriotic math activities, you might want to consider different tools to help with counting. For instance, task cards are helpful ways to engage bilingual learners.


  • Task cards with patriotic symbols
  • Clips or clothespins
  • Number cards or printables


  1. Use colorful clips to help your bilingual learners distinguish between numbers. 
  2. Count the number of items on each card. 
  3. Then, ask children to use the clip to identify that number. 
  4. Pin the clip to the number. 
  5. Add a variety of engaging games like match the number card with the task card. 

Adding Fine Motor Skills Activities

As your bilingual learners gain confidence in counting, you might want to add fine motor skills practice. For example, you can add scissor practice or do-a-dot exercises. 


  • Cutting patriotic worksheets
  • Safety scissors
  • Different types of paper like color or construction paper 


  1. Print several sheets of the cutting exercise template. Set aside. 
  2. Use the safety scissors to practice cutting the various patterns. 
  3. Allow easy cutting by making different copies with different materials. 
  4. Next, cut each section into strips of paper. 
  5. Optional: For left-handed learners, tilt the paper slightly. Then cut. 

Practicing Number Recognition 

Furthermore, you can add other engaging activities like color and tracing practice. Besides the common counting of manipulatives, you could also incorporate tracing numbers and coloring them. 


  • Number worksheets
  • Crayons, markers, color pencils, or paints
  • Color prints paper or card-stock
  • Safety scissors
  • Hole puncher
  • Ribbon or yarn


  1. Print the number worksheets on color print paper or card-stock. 
  2. Optional: Trace each number on the sheets with different crayons or markers. 
  3. Encourage your bilingual learners to trace each number. 
  4. Cut each star and place them in order. 
  5. Punch a small hole at the top of each star. 
  6. Place a ribbon on each hole and weave each star. 
  7. Create a sequence of numbers from one to ten. 
  8. Optional: Color the numbers one to twenty using paints or markers. Or, color every two numbers. 

In summary, patriotic math activities for bilingual learners can consist of various games. With each activity, your bilingual learners practice number recognition and fine motor skills. Using patriotic themes like the 4th of July, Labor Day, or Memorial Day encourages bilingual learners to develop math skills in fun ways.