Apple math bilingual activities

Apple math bilingual activities are ideal ways to encourage bilingual learners to practice math concepts. With an apple theme, you can create different types of learning activities.

From counting to learning shapes, apples are the center of learning.

Practice Shapes with Bilingual Terms

Learning shapes with the apple theme can motivate your bilingual students to distinguish between sides. For instance, cut each shape and match them to the shape practice sheet.

  • Furthermore, laminate the sheets and cut the individual shapes.
  • That way, you’ll have a set ready to use.
  • Another way to practice matching shapes is by using the shapes’ bilingual terms.
  • You can cut English and Spanish shape terms.
  • Then, match the labels to each form.
  • Lastly, you can make multiple copies of the shape worksheet.
  • Next, ask bilingual students to color shapes with three, four, five sides.
  • Also, you can ask bilingual learners to compare and contrast shapes that have sides and those that don’t.

For example, what is the difference between the circle and square? Or, you could ask: How many sides are in a pentagon?

Are there any sides in an oval? In this way, the discussion between you and your bilingual learners generates critical thinking about shapes and the world around us. 

apple math bilingual activities

Apple Math Bilingual Activities

Another fun way to use apple math bilingual activities is to incorporate patterns.

  • For instance, you can create different patterns of apple and apple trees.
  • Then, you can ask your bilingual students to predict the outcome.
  • Will the pattern continue with the same figure or different?
  • One way you can motivate them to make predictions is to make multiple copies or laminate the sheet.
  • Then, cut the various figures.
  • Next, ask students to tell the pattern.
  • Will the next square be an apple or an apple tree?
  • Lastly, your students would place one or the other. 
  • You could also cut and paste these figures. 

Apple Counting and Puzzle Activities

Aside from practicing shapes and patterns with apple themes, you can also use apple counting methods. For example, using counting clip cards can help your bilingual learners to identify numbers.

Counting in series or in groups can help students to easily and quickly identify those numbers. However, if your students need practice and count by ones, using the clip cards can help them make visual connections between numbers.

Counting does not have to be a tiresome task to learn. With puzzles like the apple theme numbers, these printables can aid your students to practice fine motor skills and counting.

For instance, you can make copies of the apple puzzle and cut the strips of numbers.

Next, paste the numbers from one to ten on a color paper or constructions paper. Then, practice counting those numbers as you place them in order in English and Spanish. 

In conclusion, apple math bilingual activities are fun ways to practice number sense, counting, and patterns. When you use a familiar object like apples, your students assimilate apples as something they already know.

In that way, they are more likely to make connections between what they already know with math concepts.  

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