Fall Counting Ideas for Bilingual Learners

Fall counting ideas can consist of using simple tools to help young bilingual learners. In this way, they can develop math skills in fun ways.

Besides using counting and task cards, help your bilingual learners integrate prior knowledge of counting with new math skills. Once they master these skills, you can add more numbers or other skills. 

Fall Counting Ideas using Halloween Theme

Using a Halloween theme can be a fun way to integrate math skills. While many young bilingual learners may be familiar with Halloween, they may also associate this time of the year with the fall season. Consider this theme to enhance math skills and encourage more practice. 


  • Free fall counting task cards and templates
  • Counters or markers (pumpkin seeds)
  • Color pencils, crayons, or markers
  • Clip or clothespin
  • Finger paint 
  • Small cotton swabs
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue


  1. Print as many copies as needed of the task cards and templates. 
  2. For the addition and subtraction task cards, use counters like pumpkin seeds. 
  3. Cut each counting task card and set it aside. 
  4. Use a clip or clothespin to identify each number. 
  5. Optional: You can also use pumpkin seeds to count each object. 
  6. Cut along the line to make two sets of finger paint templates. 
  7. Use various paint colors to fill in each circle. 
  8. Practice using little fingers or using a small cotton swab. 
  9. Let the papers dry. 

Using these task cards helps with fall counting. For example, you can make multiple copies of the task cards and encourage students to count each Halloween object.

After that, you can add pumpkins seeds as counters. Another fun fall counting idea is to use clips to identify numbers or stickers. 

Integrate Halloween Theme to Other Math Skills

Aside from using the Halloween Theme for counting, you can also implement fine motor skills practice.

You might want to consider adding exercises by using finger paint or a cotton swab. For instance, by handling small objects, your students practice a three-point system.

In this way, they can practice holding writing tools when it’s time to write or draw. 

Fall counting ideas do not have to limit to fall theme objects. You can quickly implement other objects like Halloween decorations. Most likely, you already have some of these items in your classroom or homeschool group.

In that case, add a few more ideas to practice math counting and fine motor skills. Consequently, your students enhance their math learning while having fun.