Halloween Learning Resources and Activities

Halloween learning resources can create a fun learning experience for bilingual learners and the entire classroom. With a Halloween theme to encourage students to participate, you can use simple activities to learn math, fine motor skills, and language.

What’s not to love with easy put-together activities that kids have fun and learn simultaneously?

Halloween Learning Resources and Activities

What are resources that you can use for Halloween learning? There are so many ways that you can use Halloween in your lessons and activities.

Trying to figure what you need is probably the most challenging task. However, seek activities that will match your learning objectives.

That way, you’ll have a clear perspective on which Halloween learning resources you need. 

Build Math Learning Skills

Building math learning skills might involve interactive games to engage your students in simple math concepts.

  • For instance, the Fall Counting Ideas from Math4Bilinguals create fun math learning activities using a fall theme.
  • By using these printables, your students learn about counting, fine motor skills, and operations.
  • Perhaps, you want to use a number sense activity like the Halloween Number Sense from Team Cartwright.
  • From not-so-scary monster counting to spider number matching, these printables will delight.
  • Plus, try the Halloween STEAM crafts to boost number sense.
  • Then, develop more math skills with the Halloween Counting Game for Kids from The Activity Mom.
  • Are you familiar with the fun Chutes and Ladder board game?
  • Well, this game will not be a disappointment. In this Brooms and Ladder counting game, your students will have fun using a spinner or number cube to learn to count. 

Enhance Language Skills

Aside from building math skills, you can also enhance language skills with these fun Halloween learning activities. For example, in the Halloween Sight Words Game from In the Playroom, your students can practice 17 sight words in English using a cute Halloween board game.

Do you have a spinner or a number cube? Then, this activity is ideal for learning while your students play the game.

What other activities can you include using dot stickers to emphasize language skills?

Take a look at the Halloween Alphabet Activity from Two Pink Peonies. This Halloween alphabet activity in English is a fun way to practice letter recognition using colorful dot stickers. 

Develop Fine Motor Skills

Practicing math and language are essential parts of learning. However, don’t forget to add fine motor skills practice to your lessons.

  • For instance, the Halloween Q-Tip Painting from Mom Wife Busy Life includes many templates to engage your little learner.
  • Use the Do-a-Dot method painting to practice fine motor skills on fun printables like pumpkin, bats, candy, or witch hat.
  • Don’t let the fun stop there! Add other fine motor skills activities.
  • For example, the Sorting Activity for Preschoolers from Math4Bilinguals includes playful sorting games using simple homemade items.
  • Do you have scraps of construction paper and empty toilet paper rolls?
  • Perhaps, this Halloween learning resource is for you.
  • Gather your students to learn about sorting shapes and colors.

Other Halloween Learning Resources

Halloween can surely get your students excited. Most likely, they are waiting for that day to dress up and go trick-or-treating.

However, for those days that the excitement is too much, you might have other resources to keep them engaged. For instance, the Monster Coloring Pages from the In the Playroom are the printables you need to motivate your students.

Also, use fun puzzles and tracing printables like the Pumpkin Activity Pack from Mom Wife Busy Life. But, if you want to get crafty, you can get your hands on the Black Cat Halloween Glow Stick Cards from Jen at History at Home.

Make them from simple items and hand them out to friends and family. These candy-free crafts are ideal for young children. 

In summary, Halloween learning resources are plentiful. On the other hand, trying to decide what you need might be a difficult decision.

But you can use different learning resources for various subjects. In that way, your students have fun learning and engaging during an exciting time of the year.