Thanksgiving Number Sense for Bilingual Learners

Thanksgiving number sense practice is the ideal activity for bilingual learners. For many bilingual learners, getting familiar with numbers can be difficult.

Besides learning pronunciation and labels, bilingual learners need to understand how to use numbers in different operations. With a holiday theme like Thanksgiving, bilingual learners learn to identify numbers, terms, and counting. 

Thanksgiving Number Sense Activities

How fun would it be to practice numbers sense with cute little turkeys? In the Thanksgiving number sense activities, your bilingual learners do just that.

For instance, using turkey or similar Thanksgiving theme objects can engage bilingual learners to apply their math skills. In that way, your students learn with fun holiday activities

Thanksgiving number sense


  • Free Thanksgiving number sense printables
  • Sheet protectors
  • Dry-erase markers
  • Finger paint
  • Cotton swabs
  • Small manipulatives like pumpkin seeds or counters
  • Crayons, Markers, Color pencils
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue


  • Print two to three copies of the Thanksgiving number sense printables
  • Use the turkey numbers along with the cards with number labels
  • Cut the card number labels and play matching with the turkeys
  • Collect manipulatives like pumpkin seeds or counters like coins
  • Use these manipulatives to identify each number on each turkey
  • Print the task cards with the turkeys on color paper
  • Cut each card and set it aside
  • Gather finger paint to use for the color-the-dot activities
  • Print and cut the color the dots printables
  • Set aside
  • Color each dot according to the number on the turkey

Learning Number Sense with Holiday Themes

The Thanksgiving number sense printables create fun learning experiences for bilingual learners. With each activity, your students learn how to apply numbers for identification or counting.

For example, you can also use these printables as templates. Laminate sheets to keep on using them. Then use dry-erase markers to practice number identification.

Another way to use these printables is to use counters instead of circling the numbers. Also, you can use crayons, color pencils, or markers to dot the circles instead of finger paint.

Using holiday themes encourages your students to focus on learning while having fun during the holidays. 


Thanksgiving number sense for bilingual learners is the perfect time to introduce labels and numbers. Besides having a holiday theme, they can relate to, practicing numbers doesn’t have to be boring.

Use simple methods of coloring, counting, and matching for fun learning experiences. Discover more fun free bilingual math worksheets at the Free Worksheets section