Math Games for Kids: Useful Resources for Learning

Math games for kids are ideal ways to introduce or reinforce math skills. Many different math games can bring different perspectives of learning.

While math apps are convenient for personal devices, you can also find other fun games online. Especially if your bilingual students don’t have a personal device at home but have a personal desktop, math games online are the perfect solutions. 

Math Games for Kids Online

When looking at math games for kids, consider a few tips before getting started. While many games online might require a membership, many other educational websites might not have a membership.

However, they may offer free educational content by using advertising. In this way, many free math games online might be accessible through advertising to sustain the website. 

Also, many math games online, unlike many apps, easily integrate with Google Classroom. Incorporating these math games might be essential for some students to practice extra math exercises at home or on school computers. 

Math Games Online for Preschoolers

  • Math Salamanders has fantastic math games for preschoolers. For instance, you can start your preschooler with online practice, quizzes, and learning topics. Then, you can integrate other valuable lessons. 
  • Fun Brain is an online learning site with categories in Featured Content or Math Zone Game. Each game includes a level of difficulty, instructions to play, and usage of keyboard or mouse. 
  • Math Games is an online site where you can easily search for activities based on skill, worksheets, videos, and tutorials. You can also become a member to unlock more fun math games in the arcade. Each game has instructions and fun ways to learn math. 
  • Math Games Time is another fun math online game. The games help students practice math skills like counting, number sense, operations, and other skills. There are math videos based on grades, worksheets, and more. The mobile games section is a great way to add more games to your personal device. 
  • ABCYA Math Games contains online math games ideal for bilingual educators looking for standard-based activities. Each section aligns with the Common Core State Standards and indicates the skill set to master. There are also videos and printables. 

Fun Math Games for Bilingual Learners

  • Math Playground is an online math site that includes various categories for learning. Ideal for bilingual learners, you can try categories like Fraction Forest, Thinking Blocks, Learning Games, Number Puzzles, and other Fun Kids Games. Also, interact with various math games in the Math, Logic, Math Arcade, Story Math, Videos, and other sections. 
  • Zap Zap Math is an online math game that educators can access after downloading the apps for each grade. Then, teachers and parents can access fun math games online and via the apps. 
  • Hooda Math includes various online math games based on grade level or categories. Some fun ways to play math are Racing, Shop, Grow, Logic, Geometry, Physics, and Word Games. There are also other fun games like time tests and manipulatives.
  • Kids Math Games Online is a website full of educational math content. To play online math games, you need Flash on your browser. However, there are other fun ways to learn math. The site includes sections on numbers, geometry, facts, videos, printables, pictures, quizzes, logic, fun stuff, puzzles, money, operations, board games, and memory games. 
  • Safe Kids Games – Math Games is an online site to help students learn math with fun games in different categories. These categories include popular, driving, puzzles, action, and strategy games. You can also search for math online games in the operations, ratios and proportions, and shapes, money, and time sections. 

In conclusion, math games for kids can consist of apps or online games. However, personal devices may not be easily accessible for many bilingual learners.

Using online math games can help bilingual students practice math skills in the classroom or at home.