Popsicle Summer Number Sense Bilingual Activities

Popsicle summer number sense is fun to learn bilingual numbers in English and Spanish. The summer popsicle activities encourage bilingual learners to practice number sense and writing.

That is, use the summer season to practice quick math ideas. While summer is a relaxing time, you can add fun activities to prevent the summer slide.

Popsicle Summer Number Sense Bilingual Activities

Nothing is more refreshing than enjoying a cold summer treat like popsicles. With the popsicle summer number sense printables, your children can enjoy learning bilingual numbers with fun activities.

Then, you can use many of these printables as interactive games.


  • Number sense and cutting worksheets
  • Empty facial tissue box (or other empty box)
  • Construction or wrapping paper
  • Laminator or clear packing tape
  • Dry eraser marker
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue


  1. Print the number sense worksheets and set aside
  2. Wrap the empty facial tissue box with construction paper
  3. Optional: You can also use construction paper
  4. Cut a small slit on top of the box
  5. Set aside
  6. Use the math task and math cards
  7. Place the individual cards inside the box
  8. You can call this box – the ‘mystery box’
  9. Ask children to draw a math card
  10. Match each card with a number
  11. Use finger-painting on match cards with dots
  12. Practice each number in English and Spanish
  13. Optional: Cut each scissor practice printables and tape them to the top of the box.
  14. Ask children to cut along the dotted line to practice handling scissors and cutting various patterns

Practice Number Sense with Summer Theme

Aside from using popsicles and ice creams for a summer learning theme, you can also use other themes. For example, you can use a beach or camping setting as a summer theme.

In this way, you can add other learning elements like beach objects. Some objects familiar are beach balls, seashells, sand castles, surfing boards, and beach umbrellas.

Everyday objects like these encourage children to activate prior knowledge. Counting the number of popsicles in summer may allow children to remember those numbers.

For instance, counting five popsicles can help your children the number five, write the number five, and understand that there are five popsicles. While this approach to counting is one of many ways, you can add other activities.

Use manipulatives, counters, or finger-painting to develop number sense and practice counting.


The popsicle summer number sense bilingual activities are quick and fun ways to count. When you use various methods to refresh counting, you motivate children to remember number identification, sequence, and operations.