Back to School Organization Ideas for Kids

Back to school organization ideas can help students stay focused for the new school year. Many students get ready with new school supplies.

Other students get ready with fresh hopes of a fantastic year. However, help your children develop organization skills that can carry them throughout the school year.

Back to School Organization Ideas

Back to school organization can begin as early as they are four years old. You can start with simple step-by-step activities like organizing socks, toys, and crayons.

When your children transition to school, begin with more challenging tasks. For instance, you can start by organizing a lunch bag or backpack together.

Ask questions to your children about what to include in a school backpack. Then, select a common area that your child will find easy to place the backpack.

Sometimes, a command center is necessary. A command center is a central location in your home where all essential items are needed before heading out the door.

For example, you can easily designate a basket, small table, or foyer as the command center. Other back to school organization ideas can include selecting a school attire and breakfast.

Many children may wear a school uniform or choose their clothing. But, mornings can sometimes be hectic.

Help your children build a habit of picking their morning clothes the day before school. How can you help your children stay organized or develop organization skills?

Checklists to Keep Organized

Checklists are the ideal elements to help your children stay organized. In a stepwise method, you can encourage your children to think about each step.

  • For example, ask your children to identify the first task to do in the morning.
  • Most likely, they will say getting out of bed and going to the bathroom.
  • You can help young children, especially five or six-year-olds, develop a routine habit with checklists.
  • A routine is a simple way to know what steps to take in a process.
  • So, for instance, if your child struggles to transition from morning to school, a checklist can help identify the next step.
  • Likewise, if your child lacks the motivation to do homework after school, you might want to consider a checklist.
  • With a back to school homework checklist, your child will have options of what to do after-school.
  • While checklists are great for keeping your children organized, you can also use them as part of other tasks.
  • For instance, use checklists when your children need to complete long-term projects like book reports or science projects.
  • Also, utilize checklists to help your children choose good books or how to start a day.

There are no limits to how you can use checklists. Your students will also feel a sense of accomplishment.

To get the free checklists, please visit the Checklist section in the Free Worksheets area.

Back to School Tips for the Whole Year

Starting a new school is exciting. Knowing you have these back to school organization systems helps your children at the beginning of the school year.

However, once they establish a routine, help them use those checklists the whole year. If they forget a step or do not know how to proceed, ask them to use those checklists.

This approach builds confidence that they can use organization skills for success. Eventually, routines will determine how they go throughout the day.

And, most likely, your children will not need a checklist. But, they can still use this method when they have new school activities or tasks.


Back to school organization ideas help children develop routines essential for school. A new school year is a perfect opportunity to tackle new skills or refine old ones.

Either way, using checklists helps children with steps to develop successful skills.