Fall Scarecrow Math Bilingual Activities

Fall scarecrow math bilingual activities consist of learning shapes and terms. You could easily use simple shapes to create different fall activities. A scarecrow template is an easy way to incorporate learning shapes and other skills.

Fall Scarecrow Math Activities for Bilingual Learners

How can you use simple shapes like squares, triangles, rectangles, circles, and rhombus in bilingual math lessons? These shapes are fantastic tools to begin teaching English and Spanish terms.

You could use flashcards to start learning the shapes. However, adding other activities can encourage bilingual students to learn words in English and Spanish in fun ways. 


  • Free fall scarecrow math template
  • Color construction paper: orange, brown, yellow, blue, red, green, and other colors
  • Craft stick 
  • Color paper or card stock paper
  • Counting markers like dots
  • Clips or clothespins
  • Number cube


  1. Print the free fall scarecrow math template and make several copies
  2. Use one copy as a guide on how to put together the scarecrow
  3. Use color construction paper to build the scarecrow according to the template
  4. Paste on a separate sheet of paper or use a craft stick to hold it together
  5. Use another copy of the scarecrow to learn different shapes
  6. Add small pieces of colored construction paper to each shape of the scarecrow
  7. Use different color pieces for each shape
  8. Print copies of the bingo cards and the shape clip cards
  9. Use markers to play bingo shape matching 
  10. Use clips or clothespins to match each English term to the Spanish term

Math Activities for Fall Learning

Fall scarecrow math templates and cards are great tools for bilingual learners. They can begin to understand shapes and terms with fun activities.

As they become familiar with these terms, they can transition to more challenging terms like two-dimensional or three-dimensional terms. 

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