Math Bilingual Activities Seasonal Resources

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Math bilingual activities in various seasons use different holiday themes to help bilingual learners with math concepts. These activities can include fun games such as scavenger hunts or bingo.

Furthermore, adding a math lesson to encourage counting or number identification encourages students to understand those concepts. Using these math bilingual activities throughout breaks or holidays can help students to refresh their math skills.

Math Bilingual Activities using Fall Theme

The fall season is a perfect time to encourage students to review their math skills learned the previous year. Just like daily activities, reviewing math concepts takes practice.

Your students can have fun learning numbers with the math bilingual activities for Halloween or Thanksgiving.


  • Free math bilingual activities
  • Number cube
  • Construction paper or card-stock paper
  • Stickers or markers for playing bingo
  • Pencils, crayons, or markers
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue


  1. Print the Spanish bilingual number chart or bingo terms in English and Spanish
  2. Set aside to use during the various games
  3. Print various copies of the bingo cards
  4. Paste onto construction paper or card-stock for sturdiness
  5. Cut each card and set aside
  6. Use various markers to play the bingo game

Math bilingual activities can include fun games like bingo. Bingo games are easy activities that can engage students in identifying terms.

You can use the bingo cards to learn numbers and the corresponding words in English or Spanish. Laminate the cards so that you can use them repeatedly.

When using a roll-a-number chart, you can roll a number corresponding to the seasonal term or image. That way, the chart helps with number recognition and learning Spanish words. You could also use this chart to create other games like memory card matching.


  1. Print the Roll a Number Halloween Terms and Chart
  2. Use a number cube to identify each term
  3. Cut the pieces of Halloween cards to match each number
  4. Paste the cards onto the Halloween chart
  5. Use the writing practice to trace numbers

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Math Bilingual Activities for the Winter Season

Seasonal ideas like winter math bilingual activities can encourage students to learn fine motor skills and number recognition further. Using simple puzzle pieces like number cut and paste, you can help students identify numbers 1 through 10.


  1. Print various copies of the seasonal puzzle sheets
  2. Cut each piece and rearrange them onto card-stock or colored paper
  3. Encourage students to count in English and Spanish
  4. Optional: cut pieces and paste them onto sturdy paper
  5. Continue to use them as puzzle pieces instead of cutting and pasting the strips of paper

Using activities like puzzles and cutting encourages young learners with fine motor skills. Aside from counting, organizing the pieces helps students identify numbers.

Matching each part of the images also supports eye coordination and detail orientation. These cutting activities also help students how to hold scissors and paper.

Learning Ideas for Any Season

Of course, you don’t have to wait for any specific season to learn math. Using holiday themes like Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas can only emphasize what students learn over the school year.

Throughout the year, you can also add other fun activities like color-by-number. Instead of using crayons or traditional colored pencils, you could use paint, watercolors, or even dot markers. By adding different writing tools or textures, you can boost children’s imagination and fine motor skills.

In summary, math bilingual activities can include more than specific themes. You can easily add holiday themes such as Halloween or Thanksgiving. Incorporating bingo or matching games creates a fun learning experience.

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