Holiday Number Sense Games for Bilingual Learners

Holiday number sense games for bilingual learners help students to practice number identification. With fun interactive activities, young learners participate in various games.

Using holiday themes encourages bilingual learners to explore numbers. They also become familiar with Spanish terms, writing, and identification.

Holiday Number Sense Games

Young bilingual learners can interact with different activities to practice math concepts. Along with number sense, bilingual students learn to identify numbers in English and Spanish.

How fun is it to learn numbers with interactive activities and holiday themes!

Santa Helpers Holiday Game

Help Santa deliver gifts and surprises by stocking his sleigh. In this interactive game, bilingual students match the task cards with the respective objects. They must fill Santa’s sleigh with gifts, candy, and stockings.

As your students complete each task, encourage them to check it off. This interactive game is available as a Jamboard activity. 

Christmas Tree Decoration Activity

Use Christmas ornaments and lights to decorate the tree. However, bilingual students must pay attention to each step. Each step indicates how many decorations and lights need to go on the tree. This interactive game is available as a Jamboard activity. 

Bilingual Holiday Number Sorting

With this Christmas tree, bilingual learners use the ornaments with numbers. They have to match each number with the respective term on the tree.

This activity encourages your students to look for the number to identify the word in English and Spanish. You can play this matching game as a cut-and-paste activity.

  • Make several copies of the printables
  • Cut each ornament and paste them onto card-stock material
  • Cut the Christmas tree and paste it onto card-stock paper
  • Optional: laminate the items for lasting use
  • Mix the numbers or place them in sequential order
  • Engage students to match the numbers with the English and Spanish numbers

Other Fun Holiday Number Sense Games

Besides fun activities to encourage your students to sort or match numbers, you can easily add clip cards or bingo games. These simple activities are short and engage a small group without much preparation. When a holiday week is approaching, you need activities that are engaging and still motivate them to learn. 

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