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How to freshen up your resume every month

If you’re in need to freshen up or to update your resume, you might want to consider rolling up your sleeves to make sure it can land the career you want. Trying to dust off your resume is tiring and time-consuming. Here are a few practical recommendations:

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When teaching science is my super power in a world rejecting superheroes

Are simple topics easy to interchange? Perhaps, if I consider what science is and what is not, then I couldn’t say that science is a fantastic choice to write about it.

In its undivided wholeness, science itself is complicated. With so many outlets and ramifications of studies, there is so much to know. It is impossible to know it all.

But perhaps some people would love to know all about science. I, however, rather teach science. For so many years dealing with beakers, flasks, and the immense deadlines of samples to test, I wanted to do something meaningful with science.

I never expected a Nobel Prize or an honorary award for the latest discovery to save humanity. I did want to change lives by just teaching. In this simple form, teaching is a career like no other.

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