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The Free Worksheets section at Math4Bilinguals is a place for bilingual teachers and educators that need free resources in English and Spanish.


Table of Contents:

free bilingual math worksheets


Find fun bilingual worksheets to practice addition and subtraction.

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Fine Motor Skills

Find worksheets to practice handwriting, cutting, and pasting.

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Sorting and Patterns

Find practice sheets for sorting items and patterns.


Find fun color-by-number or counting worksheets.


Math Apps and Games

Get the latest checklists or guidelines for fun and safe online math learning games.


Find inspirational quotes for Teacher Appreciation Day or anytime you want to say ‘thank-you’ to educators.

Measuring and Graphing

Find useful ways to incorporate measuring and graphing into bilingual lessons.



Find fun ways to use shapes in bilingual lessons.


Number Sense

Find tracing or practice English and Spanish worksheets.

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Bingo Cards and Bilingual Coloring Pages

Have fun with these free Thanksgiving bingo cards. These cards are great way to learn vocabulary and entertain your students during holiday break. Credit: Crafted by Bliss Pia from Creative Fabrica