Education Articles

“Augmented Reality Empowers Student Achievement in the Classroom” TechEdge. Issue Three. August 2018. Pg. 12. Texas Computer Education Association

Empowering students to succeed in the classroom requires schools to use new cutting-edge technology. Using augmented reality with simple tools encourages students to learn beyond the classroom.

How to Calculate Vmax Lineweaver  Classroom Synonym

The article discusses the steps to calculate the Lineweaver-Burk plot for enzymatic activity. Learn how competitive and noncompetitive inhibition impacts enzyme function. 

Building Leadership Skills During a Study Abroad Program Center for International Education and Study Abroad (CIESA) Organization

Discover the ways to motivate yourself to build leadership skills. A comprehensive study abroad program creates opportunities for you to apply leadership skills to future educational goals.

4 Ways to Use Music to Promote Life Skills in Children Wurrly Ed Blog

Music integration is essential in classrooms to motivate students to foster an appreciation for learning.

How does studying abroad help you for a prospective career? Center for International Education and Study Abroad (CIESA) Organization

Considering a study abroad program offers you many benefits including creating professional skills for a future career. Learn the ways your study abroad program helps you master vital skills for a 21st-century professional career.

Top 10 Language Learning Games for Students of All Ages  TakeLessons Blog

Explore ten options for learning Spanish or other languages digitally or traditionally.

8 Best Tech Tools to Support Bilingual Lessons  Whooo’s Reading the Blog

Learn the best 8 tech tools to learn a foreign language in the classroom.

3 Ways to Ease Grading with Blended Technology   eSchool News 

Blended technology platforms are widely available in the classroom. This article discusses the three most important ways teachers use different mixed techniques to alleviate the grading process. It is particularly useful when students miss assignments or forget to turn in homework.

What’s Next after College?  Eluceo 

Students often don’t know what to do after high school. While there are great options to do during summer break, students learn the online learning choices available. 

How is STEM Education Shaping the Future of our Science Classes?   EdNewsDaily 

STEM Education continues to populate our science classes, needing much educational reform. Not only is change necessary to accommodate the diverse student population, but this article also explores the lack of Latinos in science. 

Can the Common Core Standards Meet the Needs of Special Education? TeachDotCom 

The Common Core Standards (CCS) is not an all fit umbrella for students with learning disabilities. Need for modification of the CCS is essential to embrace students with learning disabilities. 

The Neurolinguistic Advantages of Being Bilingual  Kid World Citizen 

Raising bilingual children offers many benefits. Studies support learning new language increases the neurolinguistic aspects of the human brain. 

A Case for Bilingual Education  Los Tweens: Growing up in a Diverse World 

Bilingual education reform is a hot debate in education policy. Efforts to improve the bilingual education act is necessary for all communities. 

Summer Reading List – 10 Best Books for Kids  Ezine Article 

Discover a list of excellent books to read over the summer with your kids. Summer reading encourages literacy and prevents summer boredom. 

Science for Kids – How to Collect Data in an Experiment   Ezine Article 

Organizing science experiments is not an easy task for many students. This article shows you the simple steps to put together a science experiment from start to finish in no time.