Foreign Language Articles

Why learning a foreign language is good for your brain?  Raising Bilingual Children, Multilingual Education  

This article provides information about the bilingual benefits when learning a second language. 

Benefits of learning Spanish for career advancement  Omniglot, the encyclopedia of writing systems and languages  

Learning Spanish boosts not only learning but career options. This article entails the advantages to learning another language for business purposes. 

3 fun ways to learn Spanish for kids  Bilinguebabies: Learning Spanish Through Music and Fun  

In learning Spanish, young children have fun the most when they use interactive and engaging methods for learning. 

Los mejores 20 alimentos de España y América Latina (The 20 best foods from Spain and Latin America)  Sazon Boricua  

A Spanish version of the best Hispanic foods you might enjoy when you travel to Spain or Latin American countries. 

foreign language articles

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