Foreign Language Articles

Why learning a foreign language is good for your brain?  Raising Bilingual Children, Multilingual Education  –  February 2013

This article provides information about the bilingual benefits when learning a second language. 

Benefits of learning Spanish for career advancement  Omniglot, the encyclopedia of writing systems and languages  –  January 2013

Learning Spanish boosts not only learning but career options. This article entails the advantages to learning another language for business purposes. 

3 fun ways to learn Spanish for kids  Bilinguebabies: Learning Spanish Through Music and Fun  –  January 2013

In learning Spanish, young children have fun the most when they use interactive and engaging methods to learning. 

Los mejores 20 alimentos de España y América Latina (The 20 best foods from Spain and Latin America)  Sazon Boricua  –  June 2012

A Spanish version of the best Hispanic foods you might enjoy when you travel to Spain or Latin American countries. 

foreign language articles


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