Science Articles

Earthquake Science Project  LoveToKnow Fun with Science

In this science experiment, you get to use household items to simulate the forces in an earthquake.

7 Medicines Derived from Deadly Poisons  InfoBarrel 

Many medicines are now extracted from neurotoxins found in incredible creatures. Although much research needs to be done, the future outlook for treatment is promising. 

How Nicotine Dangers your Health  Ezine Article

Explore the hazards of nicotine in your body in ways that are irreversible. Also, you learn about the ways to help you stay healthy around nicotine users. 

Fatty Acids – Precursors for Energy in Hibernation  Ezine Article 

All types of bears use fat as a hibernation method. However, they are not the only ones that use fatty acids to conserve energy as food sources are scarce. 

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