Back to school family organization tips

After a relaxing summer break, usually, kids tend to lack the motivation to get back to school. You know it is nearly impossible to encourage your children to start getting used to a back to school schedule.

Probably, the most exciting part of back to school is purchasing new school supplies. What do you do to encourage your family to get organized for back to school?

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When teaching science is my super power in a world rejecting superheroes

Are simple topics easy to interchange? Perhaps, if I consider what science is and what is not, then I couldnโ€™t say that science is a fantastic choice to write about it.

In its undivided wholeness, science itself is complicated. With so many outlets and ramifications of studies, there is so much to know. It is impossible to know it all.

But perhaps some people would love to know all about science. I, however, rather teach science. For so many years dealing with beakers, flasks, and the immense deadlines of samples to test, I wanted to do something meaningful with science.

I never expected a Nobel Prize or an honorary award for the latest discovery to save humanity. I did want to change lives by just teaching. In this simple form, teaching is a career like no other.

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