Ghostwriting Services

Ghostwriting services

Receive ghostwriting services custom to your writing needs for your publication.



  • Customized research article exclusive to your publication
  • 500-600 word length
  • Standard format (headings, subheadings)
  • Proofreading and editing included
  • Links to the research of your topic
  • Evergreen content

Consultation Fees

Consultation fee

Chat with Barbara about how to structure your article, research paper, and other content. The meeting includes a 50-minute consultation.



  • 50-minute consultation 

Article Services:

Article services

Receive one 1000-word article specific to your content needs.



  • Personalized research writing unique for your blog or website
  • Custom content schedule to adhere to your readers
  • 1000 word length
  • Standard format (headings, subheadings)
  • Editing included
  • Well-research, keywords, and evergreen content