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As a parent and teacher, Barbara goes through the same ups and downs of parenting. That is why she shares ideas to keep kids learning during holidays, family gatherings, and school breaks. You’ll find valuable strategies to motivate kids to learn a skill or encourage better life choices.

Whether you have a blended family or a simple household, many of the tips discussed easily carry to different situations. Many of the topics covered include blended family activities, homeschooling, parenting lifestyle, family activities, and organization.

Educational Resources for Preschool

Bmascarenowriter is a subdivision of Spanish4Kiddos, an educational support language website. At Bmascarenowriter, Barbara prefers to discuss all things math-related to preschool learning.

She refers this to Math4Bilinguals. At the Math4Bilinguals section, you’ll find resources, lesson plans, and content that you can use in the classroom or homeschool in actionable steps.

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